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Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
We are Asia’s medical professional society dedicated to identifying and eradicating the cause of disease as opposed to treating just the symptoms.
Reversing  Disease
Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle, such as a predominately whole food, plant-based diet, exercise, stress management, tobacco and alcohol cessation, and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat, and, more importantly, reverse lifestyle related, chronic diseases that are all too prevalent.

Message from the Outgoing ASLM President
by James Wu, PhD, MPH, MSPH

After two years of preparation, we made it! The Inaugural Conference of Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine was held on March 19-22 in Taipei, Taiwan.

It was 3 years ago during the American College of Lifestyle Medicine 2014 annual conference in San Diego, when Jenny raised the question, “Why don’t we form a chapter of LM representing Asia?”. The inquiry was 

enthusiastically responded by at least 10 members from more than 6 Asian countries.

Since then we continued to meet for two consecutive ACLM annual conferences to work on the details of forming the organization, and for the inaugural conference. We mainly communicated through emails, and tried using Skype. In 2015 the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) was registered as a non-profit company in Hong Kong.

We have a group of very busy but committed members trying to work from 6 different countries and locations. We designed our logo, uploaded our Facebook account, and got our website running soon after. The biggest push we got for the society to get running and functioning was the preparation and holding of the Taipei conference.

Our greatest resources in ASLM are diversity, population, and the many different cultures. By sharing and contributing our various perspectives of looking at lifestyle medicine in Asia, we believe we are a good part of the Global Alliance of LM. We have now 6 regional country society/college/association under the umbrella of ASLM, and more are to come.

Our greatest challenge is how to facilitate a solid platform for collaboration and sharing of resources among all the Asian countries and regions. However, with the vision and value that lifestyle medicine is the medicine of the future and the answer to lifestyle related diseases, we are confident to speed up the momentum we started together in 2014 and energized in 2017 during the inaugural conference.

As the outgoing ASLM president, I would like to thank all the support given by our officers and members of ASLM in the past two years, especially Jenny the vice-president, Johann the secretary, and Herb the treasurer. I want to thank the experienced LM leaders who gave supports to the formation of ASLM, just to mention a few are David Katz, George Guthrie, Wayne Dysinger, John Kelly, Susan Benigas, and Stephen Penman. I strongly believe that ASLM will continue to grow and to develop into a healthy and functional society under the new leadership of Johann as president, and Jenny is president-elect, with Cathy as secretary, Herb and Epistle as treasurer and associate treasurer. We are all looking forward to 2018 when our next annual conference will be held in Manila, Philippines.

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The Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is revolutionizing our healthcare system.

The Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine is the umbrella medical specialty organization in Asia that focuses on lifestyle interventions for chronic disease.
Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
"Nutrition is the most important single environmental factor affecting health."

- Dr. Stanley Khan & Dr Frederick Stare, Harvard School of Public Health

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