Policies and Other Documents

Non Discriminatory Policy

The non-discriminatory policy was introduced to cover areas that are not explicitly defined in our constitution.

The main purpose of this document is twofold: 1. to provide a pathway to the ALMC board and its members to ensure no discrimination based on personal identities in all ALMC affairs, and 2. to provide a nuanced approach to evaluate conflicts of interest among board members.

Board of Director Job Description

The Board of Directors comprises all the representatives from each country that constitute the ALMC. Each country can nominate a maximum of 3 representatives that are elected/nominated by their officially registered lifestyle medicine country organization. Each of these representatives from the various country organizations will have an independent vote at ALMC.

The members of the Board of Directors may be Full (paying) members or Associate (non-paying) members. Associate members, however, will not have voting rights. Please refer to the document below for details. 

Resume Template

Please use this resume template when submitting a country representative applications.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest (COI) policy of the ALMC is to maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all its operations. This COI Policy is established to identify, disclose, and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise among board members, staff, volunteers, and any individuals associated with ALMC.

Community Rules and Privacy Guidelines

The aim of this policy is to ensure a positive experience for all members, we’ve established guidelines for participation. By engaging in our community, you acknowledge having read and agreed to abide by these rules. 

ALMC Committees

The ALMC committees, comprising Education, Research and Development, Outreach, and Membership, play pivotal roles in advancing the organization's mission. The Education, Research, and Development Committee focuses on shaping ALMC's stance...

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