Lifestyle Medicine could be the career advancement you’ve been looking for. Join the newest, fast-growing medical specialty that provides competency in delivering primary and specialty care for chronic diseases.

Demonstrate your competency in Lifestyle Medicine

The training and certification program will allow you to efficiently demonstrate your competency in Lifestyle Medicine and augment your clinical or public health practice by preventing, managing, and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related diseases. It will also leverage the collaborative team approach, which has the same discipline directed to value-based patient-centered care.

Why Certify?

In many lower- and middle-income countries, approximately 70 to 80% of all healthcare costs are spent treating chronic diseases, yet most health professionals treat chronic diseases the same way they treat communicable diseases. Time has changed, and the trend of lifestyle-related diseases is exponentially growing, but healthcare providers are slowly adopting the integration of evidence-based lifestyle medicine in their clinical practice.

• Demonstrate your competency
• Provide value-based health care impact to your patients
• Be part of the global movement

Where to access lifestyle medicine training and certification opportunities?

Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine


Korean College of Lifestyle Medicine


Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine


Malaysian Society of Lifestyle Medicine


Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine


Sri Lankan Society of Lifestyle Medicine


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