Collaborative Organizations


The collaborative network of the Asian Lifestyle Medicine Council (ALMC) extends its reach through strategic partnerships with key global entities, including the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, and the World Lifestyle Medicine Organisation. These collaborative organizations share a common vision of advancing evidence-based approaches to prevent, treat, and reverse lifestyle-related diseases while enhancing health and well-being globally.

By uniting with these organizations, the ALMC strengthens its commitment to promoting industry standards, fostering education and research, and facilitating meaningful communication within the dynamic field of lifestyle medicine. Together, these organizations form a powerful alliance dedicated to driving positive health outcomes, influencing policy development, and shaping the landscape of lifestyle medicine on a global scale.

Future Collaborations and New Partnerships

The ALMC envisions a future marked by impactful collaborations and strategic partnerships, poised to propel positive health outcomes across Asia through the transformative lens of the lifestyle medicine healthcare model. ALMC’s strategic plans emphasize establishing robust collaborations with regional lifestyle medicine societies, academic institutions, and healthcare organizations. By fostering alliances, the council aims to advocate for policy at different strata, develop and implement evidence-based lifestyle interventions, set industry standards, and promote the integration of lifestyle medicine into healthcare practices. 

ALMC is poised to serve as a catalyst for change, shaping the future of healthcare in the region. Through collaborative endeavors, ALMC aspires to position lifestyle medicine as a cornerstone of healthcare in Asia, contributing to a paradigm shift that prioritizes prevention, treatment, and the reversal of lifestyle-related diseases. For further details on collaborative organizations and to build partnerships, please email the ALMC at our official email.

The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance (LMGA), a subsidiary of the IBLM, brings together national lifestyle medicine professional associations from around the world to collaborate, share knowledge and best practices, and more effectively communicate the power of the lifestyle medicine story—a story of health, hope, and healing for all. The LMGA represents a convergence of healthcare professionals who connect and inspire one another to be an authoritative voice for lifestyle medicine globally and to manifest the vision of a world without non-communicable diseases.

By providing connection, collaboration, tools, and best practice frameworks, LMGA plays a key role in assisting countries to develop vibrant, sustainable Lifestyle Medicine organizations. These organizations then advance the evidence-based practice of Lifestyle Medicine to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease internationally.

Please visit LMGA Official website for details

The World Lifestyle Medicine Organisation (WLMO) is a coalition of worldwide non-profit, legally constituted national and regional lifestyle medicine organizations that promote evidence-informed approaches to preventing, managing, and reversing non-communicable diseases. The WLMO promotes education, advocacy, and research into the field of lifestyle medicine by providing a supportive platform and engagement with appropriately constituted national and regional lifestyle medicine organizations.

The WLMO accredits Lifestyle Medicine courses, programs, and qualifications, which are based solely on science and use up-to-date evidence throughout the world, to ensure that the learning around the six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine is standardized whilst acknowledging cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental differences. WLMO believes in shared decision-making, equality of representation, and a celebration of the diversity that makes it strong as an organization.

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The International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) establishes and maintains global standards for assessing and credentialing physicians and health professionals with PhD/Masters degrees in Lifestyle Medicine.

The IBLM establishes standardized language for lifestyle medicine protocols globally, differentiates evidence-based lifestyle medicine professionals from non-evidence-based lifestyle medicine practitioners, and legitimizes the field of lifestyle medicine.

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ALMC Committees

The ALMC committees, comprising Education, Research and Development, Outreach, and Membership, play pivotal roles in advancing the organization's mission. The Education, Research, and Development Committee focuses on shaping ALMC's stance...

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