Become a Member

Any country/national lifestyle medicine legal entity in the South, East, and Southeast Asian regions may become a member of the ALMC if they have demonstrated their dedication to lifestyle medicine and the goals of ALMC through their commitments and actions.

Full Members

Full members of the ALMC consist of fully constituted, not-for-profit, non-aligned, independent bodies at the country level. All the country organizations in South, Southeast, and East Asian regions are eligible to apply for full membership.

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Associate Members

Associate members are either organizations not fulfilling the requirements of full membership but being aligned to the aims and objectives of ALMC or growing level 1 organizations with financial needs. This membership category is strictly limited to two years. No membership fees are applicable to associate members.

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Before Submitting Your Application

For further details on criteria for application and required documents, please visit the application page.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Asian Lifestyle Medicine Council. To ensure a smooth application process and alignment with our organization’s values, we kindly request that you carefully read our constitution, which is available on our website. Familiarizing yourself with the vision and mission of ALMC is vital in understanding our commitment to promoting lifestyle medicine across Asia. We believe that by embracing our shared goals, we can collectively contribute to advancing health and well-being in the region. Thank you for your dedication, and we look forward to the possibility of welcoming your organization into the ALMC community.

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ALMC Committees

The ALMC committees, comprising Education, Research and Development, Outreach, and Membership, play pivotal roles in advancing the organization's mission. The Education, Research, and Development Committee focuses on shaping ALMC's stance...

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