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Paul Rankin, PhD

 Dr Paul Rankin is the Area Manager, Australasia, Asia and Africa, for the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, a Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing company, which runs the Complete Health Improvement Program.

Paul has worked as a nurse, pastor, missionary pilot, health educator, administrator and academic. He is passionate about his family, wife Sonia and three adult children.  He enjoys hang gliding, woodwork and hiking.

Having personally experienced the benefits of lifestyle change when he adopted a plant-based whole-food diet 10 years ago and started exercising. He lost 35kg in weight and saw dramatic reductions in his cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. He was amazed at how much extra energy this simple change in lifestyle gave him and he has committed his life to sharing the benefits of the whole-food plant-based diet with moderate exercise for improving heath and reducing and even reversing many chronic diseases.

Dr Rankin trained as a registered nurse when he first left school. He then trained as a SDA Pastor in the early 1980’s. He completed a Masters in Public Heath in 1998 and a PhD in Lifestyle Medicine in 2014. Dr Rankin is a conjoint lecture in Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale College of Higher Education in Australia and has published 14 articles in relation to lifestyle medicine in pier reviewed academic journals.
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